Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dead Space Extraction was actually really good.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but school comes before video games. Although I haven't gotten around to playing anymore Kingdom Hearts because it's such a time commitment. I was able to play Dead Space Extraction. I got it free with the Collector's edition of Dead Space 2 and for a free game it was very good.

Extraction is the prequel to Dead Space and was originally on the Wii. But, they remade it in HD for the PS3 to incorporate the Move. Even though I don't have a Move I was able to play it with just the Dualshock controller.

The game has a story mode and a challenge mode. It probably took me 4-6 hours to play the 10 chapters in story mode (which seemed like the perfect pace for this game). The story was pretty good and had allot of surprises.

Even though the ending kind of confused me I still recommend this game to anyone who as a Move or is a fan of the Dead Space franchise.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Halloween Town

So, I caught up on the Olympic Challenges and now I just got to Halloween Town. The first thing I noticed when I got here was the level looked depressing. No colors besides the shades of gray (reminded me of a modern fps level *rimsot*) which I understand because that's how parts of the movie looked. I guess I was used to the previously vibrant levels, but I digress.

I haven't gotten very far yet, but what I've seen game play wise I liked.

Leave a comment bellow if you think I should prepare myself for a letdown later in the level or why you enjoyed the level.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I thought Deep Jungle was bad, but Atlantica takes the Cake

Here is a short list of the reasons I hate Atlantica

- It's a water level.
- You have to swim, the entire level.
- No dodging or rolling mechanic
- Fighting under water is terrible
- It's a water level

If you guys played the first Kingdom Hearts, how did you feel about Atlantica?