Friday, January 28, 2011



I just remembered another reason why I quit KH long long ago... Cerberus.

This boss is fairly early on in the game, but none the less still a very hard one.
The fight consists of Sora (you) jumping, spamming the X button and occasional hiding behind the beast while he spews fireballs. After 10 or so attempts at fight him I finally decided to Google how to beat him.

Apparently you just have to lock-on to one of the outer heads then attack and dodge, attack and dodge, attack and dodge etc.

Took a pretty long time to finish. Donald and Goofy both died a lot.

Now, I'm back where it all went to hell, Deep Jungle.


  1. "Donald and Goofy both died a lot." childhood ruined

  2. I had to beat Cerberus for a friend of mine. You should have an easier time with Deep Jungle maybe, since you should be a higher level.

  3. Hmm that sounds is your best friend.

  4. I've never played this game. I like your blog, I'll be following!

  5. Poor Donald. ; _ ; eh, I don't really care about goofy

  6. Cerberus? Hardly ever remeber him being a challenge, now Sephiroth on the other hand...